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Quote: "Experience is the best teacher, but oh…the price is so high."

At Stok's Systems, the training we provide is focused at the individual level. We cater for a minimum number of people at one time and design the course around the requirements of the trainees ranging from a Basic "How to switch it on?" level, through to an Advanced "How to make it?" level.


Application Courses are across the spectrum ranging from office applications e.g. Spread Sheets, Word Processing, Database, etc, through to Application Programming.

Technical Courses range from basic printer maintenance and installation through to fault finding and correction of devices.

network tools

Network training describes technology and IP routing, making use of network tools to implement and "fault find" networks. With the vast amount of products in the market today it is almost essential for any computer user to have some knowledge of how computers talk to each other. Our courses range from a basic level for a small office or home (SOHO) network through to an Advanced level for larger organisations where defined user access is required.

All courses at Stok's Systems are designed to have a large portion of practical exercise and exposure utilising the philosophy of "experience" helping individuals to have a complete understanding of the course material and to be able to apply it practically either professionally or privately.

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